Home Depot vs Lowe's: Which home improvement store has the best prices?

Home Depot versus Lowe's. Which home improvement store has the best prices?

I am taking action to figure it out.

We shopped aisle after aisle, big and small, online and in the store to see which store will save you the most.

None of us want bugs in the kitchen, so I priced a can of Hot Shot Kitchen bug spray.

Right away Home Depot takes the lead charging $3.48 for a 14-ounce can.

Lowe's charges $3.97 for the same can.

Painting can change the look in any room, so I compared the price of a Rustoleum can of spray paint.

It's getting competitive because both stores charge the same price, $6.76.

A Dewalt Cordless combo kit will cost you more at Home Depot; $149.

You'll pay $10 less at Lowe’s.

You can't get through the summer without a ceiling fan.

We found a 52-inch Studio Series fan at Lowe’s for $176.27.

I'd suggest buying this one at Home Depot because you'll save more than 50 bucks.

You'll pay $119.

Overall we compared nearly 20 items and for many things the stores' prices were very close, within pennies of each other.

See FULL LIST of entire items we shopped.

But in the end, Home Depot saved us the most overall, especially when it came to the big ticket items.

Our total at Lowe's came to $3,464.42.

We saved about $200 for the same items at Home Depot, $3,262.22.

Keep in mind, Home Depot and Lowe's are not the only stores that sell home improvement items.

I absolutely love liquidation stores and have personally saved thousands of dollars, so shop around before you spend your cash.


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