Ho Ho Ho! Save BIG cash on your Christmas tree

Don't go broke trying to decorate for the holidays. Save some cash on your Christmas tree!

We searched for fresh cut trees at popular stores including Home Depot , Lowe's and Walmart .

Since Target no longer has their garden center, they don't have live trees.

In fact of all the stores we compared most don't have as much variety as they did last year.

The Home Depot stores we visited had the most options; they had several sizes of the Douglas Fir and Noble Fir.

But they weren't the cheapest.

 We checked prices of a 6 to 7 foot Noble Fir.

Walmart only had two types of trees, but for the 6 to 7 foot Noble Fir, they have the best price, $38.88.

Lowe's was only about a dollar more charging $39.98.

Next in line is Home Depot at a price of $42.98.

We have also seen Christmas tree lots nearly on every other corner but the prices seem to be pretty competitive with retail stores.

Tim Mitchell's Christmas trees was the most expensive we found. Their six foot tree will cost you $54.

If you find a tree lot with unbelievable prices we all want to know about it.

Email me at smartshopper@abc15.com.

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