Hidden savings at Valley grocery stores

You have to eat in order to live, so the cost of food is not something you cannot avoid in your budget.

How do you find the best deals? Well it depends on what foods you like to eat and which stores you shop at. I found that a lot of food stores have savings that you may not know about.

At Sprouts did you know you can get double the savings if you shop there on Wednesdays? The previous week and current week ads overlap on those days so you are getting double the savings.

WinCo , which is new to the Valley, has some great deals overall. They have a huge bulk section which offers your basic bulk items, but they also have spices which are sold in bulk and you can get them for a lot less. When it comes to spices, the more you buy, the more you will save. Plus, buying spices from the bulk section will also save you because no packaging costs go into the price.

One other thing about WinCo is that their already cooked rotisserie chickens are only $3.98 everyday. So, if you're in rush to make a meal, this might be one way to go. You can find those chickens near their deli counter and they are warm and ready for you to serve.

A lot of people think Whole Foods is super expensive. I will agree that some of those items can be pricey, but if you value only eating minimally processed foods, then this may be a place you have to shop. One thing I noticed at Whole Foods is that they offer savings with their brand called "365 Everyday Value." Often those 365 brand items are competitively priced with other stores like Sprouts, plus you are getting minimally processed foods without having the price tag. Their boxes of couscous and mac and cheese 365 label brands are priced competitively. Plus, their canned food items like beans have the same or better prices then other stores that sell minimally processed foods.

I have yet to meet one person in this town that does not love Trader Joe's . It is a unique store and truly has no competition. Their prices are awesome and they carry a lot of items you can't find anyplace else. So the fact that they have a niche, and still are competitively priced, makes me love Trader Joe's even more.

A lot of folks think of Trader Joe's for their prices on wines. Their two-buck Chuck wine or their Blue Fin Pinot Noir wines are just $3.99. Not only does it taste fabulous, but the price makes you feel like you scored a bargain.

Trader Joe's also has great prices on gourmet cheeses. This may be something a lot of folks may miss. They sell a huge variety of specialty cheeses that some high end specialty grocery stores in town sells for double the price than Trader Joe's.

Another thing they have good prices on are some spices and sea salt. They kill most stores on prices for those items, plus they offer unique sea salts like Himalayan Pink Crystals salts. A .45 ounce bottles will cost you a reasonable $1.99. If you need some Saffron, which is outrageously expensive, Trader Joe's sells it for just $5.99 for a .02 ounce bottle.

Walmart , we know, is a major player for saving money overall. If you want to do your food shopping there, you can do that and get the deals that other Valley grocery stores are offering. All you have to do is bring in the competition's ads and then Walmart will price match.  

Some good ways to save at Valley food stores so you can maximize your dollars.

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