Grocery store deals: Save money on your food bill this week

Don't go broke buying food, here are a few deals you can expect at Valley grocery stores this week.


Fry's has chicken thighs and drumsticks on sale for $.99 per pound. Fry's has their buy 10, save $5 sale happening this week. If you buy any participating items you will get $.50 off of each item when you purchase 10 of those qualifying items. For example, you can buy Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup for just $.49 after the savings. So look for those tags throughout their store this week.

Food City

Save on cucumbers at Food City. You can buy a total of seven for $.99. Food City also has a great price on apples this week. You can buy three pounds of Gala apples for $.99 and get up to six pounds for that price.

Albertsons and Bashas'

At both Albertsons and Bashas' this week they have a gallon of milk on sale for $1.87 each. You can get two for that price.


At Bashas' have some pineapples for a great price. They are on sale for $.99 each and you can buy two for that price. Go bananas at Bashas' because they have bananas on sale for $.39 per pound with a limit of six pounds.


At Albertsons you can save on boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.77 per pound. Or stock up on apples. Albertsons has Fuji, Red Delicious or Granny Smith apples for $.77 per pound.


At Sprouts you can save on black seedless grapes just $.98 per pound.

Pro's Ranch Market

At Pro's Ranch Market you can score a good price on a five pound bag of brown onions for $.99. Plus at Pro's Ranch you can also save on bone in chicken breasts, just $.89 per pound.  


At Safeway save on bone in pork loins assorted chops for just $1.59 per pound

On Wednesday November 6 if you are 55 years or older you can get 10% off your entire food bill. Fry's, Albertsons and Bashas' are offering that discount.

Make sure to check your store's ads and their website for additional deals and discounts. Below are some more websites for finding coupons:

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