GripGo: Does it work? GripGo claims to let you talk and drive hands free

Do you like to talk and drive, but you want to be safe? The GripGo is supposed to let you talk all you want without touching your phone.

But will it work? Let me try it before you buy it.

I ran into one of our loyal viewers, Darnell, who says he drives all the time and his job requires him to be on the phone constantly.  

Sounds like the perfect person to test out the GripGo for us.

The GripGo is a universal car phone mount that lets you talk and drive hands-free, and you don't need tools or adhesives.

So it's time to put Darnell to work.

Darnell installed the GripGo in several places, trying to find a place for it to actually stay. We watched as the GripGo continued to fall. After about a week of playing with the device, Darnell finally found the perfect place on his windshield.

Next he had to remove the backing on the pad and he was ready to talk hands-free!

The box and infomercial shows you can use the GripGo on any style phone. But that's not what Darnell experienced. 

One of his smartphones stayed on the GripGo fine, but his Blackberry continued to fall off. Darnell thought it was odd since the sticky grip was so strong. He says the grip was so tight that when removing his smartphone he had to be careful because it took off the whole back of his phone.

Also keep in mind that the GripGo does not work with a phone case … it has to be installed directly on your phone.

Darnell has been using the GripGo for about a month and in the end he says he just can't give it a thumbs up for its performance.

In order for the GripGo to work on his Blackberry, Darnell had to prop it up to prevent it from continuously falling.

We paid $10.88 for the GripGo at Walmart and Darnell says it's not worth the cash… he gives it a thumbs down.

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