Grills, furniture, electronics; there are so many sales going on in July

Grills, furniture, electronics; there are so many sales going on this month.

But that doesn't mean everything is a good deal; some items will get even cheaper, including grills.

Many stores are enticing you to buy for the 4th of July holiday.

But if you can manage to hold off, history shows the mark downs get even bigger after the fourth; some up to half off.

You can also check consignment stores because some people are sold on buying a grill now which means they have to get rid of their old one.

Not only is it hot outside, you'll find hot deals on furniture for inside all month long.

Retailers are trying to move merchandise out of the way for new models.

It's also a good time to search thrift stores and furniture outlets because since many of us have done our spring cleaning, a lot of used furniture is on the market.

You'll also start to see computer and tablets decrease in price this month.

But as the school year gets closer you'll see even more discounts.

Still if you find a screaming deal now, and you need it, grab it.

And we can't forget apparel, especially jeans.

With it being so hot, most of us are not thinking about sweating even more in jeans, so retailers put them on sale to move them.

Jeans will continue to go on sale later in the summer for the fall shopping season.

Remember, just because you see a sale sign doesn't mean you're always getting the best price.

Do you research and know what is considered a screaming deal before you spend your cash.

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