delivers snacks directly to your mailbox, but is it worth it?

Having the same snacks at home and at work can sometimes get boring.

There’s a company that will provide a variety of snacks every month straight to your mailbox for a monthly fee.

But is it worth the cash and, more importantly, do the snacks taste good?

The service is called and it's really easy to use.

For $6, you get a box of four random snacks and you decide how often you want the boxes delivered to your mailbox.

They have a huge variety of treats; You simply go through the list of snacks and decide if you want to try them or trash them.

And once you receive the snacks, you can rate them and that helps the company decide what to put in your future boxes.

We tried all kinds of goodies, everything from nut varieties, to dried fruit varieties, even popcorn.

One of the snacks we really liked were called Flapjacks. They were really tasty and we haven't been able to find them any where else.

Is the service worth it?

Each box has four snacks and the cost is $6 for each box. That makes each snack worth $1.50.

One of the snacks is a 1.1 ounce of toasted pistachios.

I priced them at Sprouts and you'll pay about $.56 for an ounce. That's less than half of what charges.

Popcorn is another snack in the Graze box. Again, that means your bag of popcorn will cost you $1.50. At Target you can get a healthy bag of popcorn for $.87.

I also compared the price of a nut mix from Graze.

I found a similar mix at Sprouts for $5.99 per pound.  Do the math and you’ll pay $.37 per ounce.  Compare that to $1.50 for 1.2 ounces at Graze.

Overall, I can't say that the Graze boxes are a good value when it comes to your wallet. But the variety of snacks, and the fact that they taste good, makes it a convenient service.

It's healthier than making a stop by the vending machine, too.

But it's not a money saver at all.

A better option is to make your own snack boxes. Just go to your local grocery store and buy a few snacks in bulk and them portion them out. It just takes a little bit of preparation.


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