Goodwill sells donated items but also auctions a lot of items on

We all know eBay is a well known auction site for buying just about anything, and Goodwill stores are wonderful to shop at for finding used donated items for dirt keep.

Have the two things emerge and you get .

Yes this is true, Goodwill has an auction website. You might find a good deal on something, plus your money is going to help folks in need.

If you are a collector, musical enthusiast or you just like finding different things, then this site may have what you are looking for. auctions a lot of art, antiques, unique things and musical instruments. All participating Goodwill stores on this site set their own auction terms and shipping cost. So make sure the fully read each auction and description of the item you are interested in. has many local Goodwill stores participating all over the country.  There is only one Goodwill store in Arizona that auctions items off of this website, and it's located in Tucson.

This means you will need to pay to ship the items you win; local pick-up is not an option. Plus their shipping cost can be pricey, which can turn what was a good deal into not such a good deal once you factor in the shipping and fees, so make sure to look at the shipping an extra fees before bidding on anything. 

Although, Goodwill is a nonprofit organization which means you do not pay sales tax.  

To start bidding, all you have to do is fill out the sign-up new user form and provide name, email and mailing address. Also read and agree to their user agreement and you are ready to bid.

It is pretty simple to search for items. You can go to their search menu and type in whatever item you are looking for or search by category.

Please make sure you do your research before bidding on anything. I sometimes I find good deals but a lot of times folks over bid on things. But once in a while you can find a gem.  

If you are a collector, this is a great site because this is one of the things they focus on.

Don't forget, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

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