Good deal! Find serious bargains by knowing when and where to shop

You can find some serious bargains just by knowing when to shop and where to shop, at least according to the October issue of Shop Smart magazine.  

In this issue they write about saving secrets. One saving secret is when stores do their mark downs. According to the article, Tuesday is when Target does a lot of markdowns on women's clothing, Wednesday they mark down men's and Monday's are for kids'.  

The article states that 30% is the first mark down and 70% is the final mark down at Target.

If you shop at Marshall's, one expert says Wednesday's is when they do a lot of mark downs. So I decided to do my own research and head to Marshalls.

I spoke to a few employees to try and get the real scoop. What I was told was that the middle of the week is usually when they do a lot of mark downs, so Wednesday is about right most of the times.

But, when it comes to telling how low the price will go down it depends on the color of the tag.

According to the ShopSmart article, red tags are supposed to be the lowest mark down at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. But at Marshalls, I was told it is the yellow tags that mean final mark down. Red means clearance and it has been marked down, but if it is not sold when they are doing mark downs, it could go to the final mark down with a yellow tag. If you see something with a purple color tag, that means it is a high end good and probably a fair price but not a marked down item.

If you shop at H&M, according to ShopSmart magazine, you can find out when they are having mark down sales by downloading their app. The app will alert you when they are having sales. You can also go to and sign up for their newsletter and get free shipping.

According to the article, they say if you see something you like, buy it because once it is gone from H&M inventory it's gone forever. 

So now you have a few tips to help you save some money and find the best possible deals. I myself will be testing more of these tips out, so stay tuned. 

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