Save BIG on holiday gift cards

Give someone a gift card this holiday season and pay less then the value of the gift card. One way to do this is to use a legitimate website that buys and sells gift cards.

One site is called . They have a huge selection of merchants to choose from. The Gap, Best Buy, H&M, Home Depot and PetSmart and the list goes on. You can get from 2% up to 35% off their gift cards for sale.

Another site is  they offer a similar service as and it's the same thing, you can buy gift cards for up to 35% off the face value. seems to have more of a selection of gift cards to buy. When I need to buy something, I will check out both sites to see which one has better deals, or which site may have the card I want buy in stock.

Both sites offer traditional gift cards and they will mail them to you for free or you can get electronic gift cards. It depends on what they have to offer, and if you want to shop online or at the store. With an electronic gift card, if you are planning on shopping online, you can use it much faster since you will receive it in the form of a coupon code via your email address. If you are giving the gift card as a present, you might want to buy a gift card versus an ecard. Granted, you will have to wait about a week to get the card, but at least you can give that person a gift card versus a piece of paper.

Here is one more tip if you go to or, first head over to . You can get money back just for going from the website to the merchants you want to shop at websites. Of course they have to be listed on as a merchant. How much cash you get back depends on what they are offering.

For example, both and are merchants that you can get cash back from your purchases. I went to, searched for They were a merchant on, offering 2.5% back on all purchases made on from

You then click on the link from and you will be directed to the website to make your gift card purchase. Just by doing that, you will get back 2.5% on any purchases made from when you use as your referring website.

Of course that 2.5% does not come off my purchase. Usually you have to wait. On my last purchase, it took two months for everything to go through before I could access my money from Once you see the credit, you can choose to leave it in your account and let it accumulate, or have them pay you by mailing a check you deposit into your PayPal account. Read all the fine print on their site so you can get the full details.

Here is an example of how I use these gift cards to save.

Recently I made an online purchase at The Gap. I checked both and for a Gap gift card. I purchased a Gap electronic gift card from which offered 11% off the value of the card. I purchased a $25 electronic gift card for The Gap for $22.25.

I received the electronic gift card via email within a few hours of my purchase. It was sent in a form of a code so I could use it right away to make my online purchase from The Gap. It is not a huge savings but over time it really could add up. By using The Gap gift card that I purchased from and I ended up saving myself $3.20 on an order of $62.18.

Also make sure you do your own research before using any of these sites. These sites will offer you money to sell your gift cards too. Of course they have to make money so you won't get face value for your gift card. If you don't like losing money like me, maybe you can swap it out with a friend. If you want to see how these and other gift cards exchange sites rank, here is a link to help you do your research before you buy or sell anything when it comes to gift cards.

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