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Buying health products like vitamins and protein powders can truly break the bank.

I am a big smoothie person and often buy these types of product, but seldom can I get a deal.

For example, Barlean's Omega Swirl flax oil retail price is around $24. That is a lot of cash to shell out.

Most places that sell these type of products sell them all for around the same price.

Shopping online can be a solution to finding better prices on these health products.

One online place is called . This online store had some unbelievable deals on products I buy all the time at local health product stores.

That Barlean's Omega Swirl flax oil cost just $16.75 online at for the exact same product.

I wondered how their prices could be so much less. I ordered one box of items for my first order and checked every product expiration date thinking maybe they are selling items that are close to expiring.

All of the items had one or two years before they expired. Plus they have a huge selection of products to choose from, including protein powders to every kind of vitamin you can think of.

Bottom-line is S is one alternative to helping you save some cash. If you can wait to get your products shipped to your home you can really save some money. 


Here is a break down of my savings:

Local Retail Store                    

Natural Sunbutter         $4.49               $5.97 – ONLY PRODUCT THAT COST MORE

Green Super Food        $18.89             $16.35

Jarrow Plant Protein     $19.99             $11.99

Hawaiian Spiruluna       $14.99             $10.83

Store Vit. C 1000mg    $5.99               $7.49

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