Get smoking deals on appliances at Arizona Wholesale

Buying appliances can truly be expensive. Finding deals on those appliances can also be hard to find.

I have a solution it is called Arizona Wholesale .

Their main business is as a distributor of major brand appliances to home builders. Once in a while, those appliances may get scratched or dented during delivery or may not fit in a model home. Those appliances go back to Arizona Wholesale's warehouse and are reduced significantly to be sold to the general public in their warehouse store.

That means you can get some smoking deals on major brand name appliances that still carry a manufactures' warranty. Some of the appliances they discount may also just be a closeout buyout which also means savings for you.

Here are some examples of the deals I found.

A Frigidaire front loading washer, retail price $599, but at Arizona Wholesale you will get it for $425.00.

A Whirlpool high end refrigerator with $2,400 as the retail price. At Arizona Wholesale you can buy it for $1,700.

Another example is a Whirlpool combo microwave and oven. $1,700 is the retailer price, but at Arizona Wholesale it is only $500. That's quite a discount.

Arizona Wholesale Store
2025 E. University
Phoenix, AZ 85034

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