Get some good Mexican food for a deal!

PHOENIX - If you want some good traditional Mexican food and for a bargain price you need to go to Carolina's. They have been in the Valley since 1967 serving Mexican food. They serve burros of all kinds, enchiladas, chimichangas, menudo, tamales, tacos, tostadas and they make and sell huge flour tortillas plus a whole lot more.

Carolina's currently has three Valley locations. They just opened their third one in Peoria a few weeks ago. Let me give you some examples of the deals you find.

A chicken with beans burro will cost just $3.65, a bean burro which is the least expansive is just $2.85 and these are not small burros, it is enough for a meal. Their most expensive burro is the carne asada and that's $4.

Want an enchilada? Well try a cheese Enchilada which is the least expensive for $1.90, beef and chicken will cost just $2 and that is the most you will spend for an enchilada.

Tacos cost $1.95 each and tamales red or green will cost $2.25.

The menu offers everything you can possibly think of when it comes to traditional Mexican food.

They also make fresh home tortillas in the restaurant a half a dozen of huge tortillas will cost $2.25 and for a dozen you will pay $4.25.

So if you are in the mood for some traditional Mexican food and want to take the whole family out you might want to try this place because you will leave with your belly and wallet full.

Three Valley locations:

9030 W. Peoria Ave.

2126 E. Cactus Rd.

1202 E. Mohave

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