FREE food and bargains for teachers

If you are a teacher you can score a free meal at Ikea throughout the entire month of July.

On every Monday and Wednesday between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. until July 30, teachers can stop by Ikea with school ID or some proof you are a teacher and get a free meal.

Treasures 4 Teachers is a non-profit organization that receives donated items from several businesses and sells them to teachers for a bargain price.

They sell traditional supplies and nontraditional out of the box items too. Anyone who works with kids or is an educator, preschool teacher, classroom teacher, even Girl or Boy Scout leaders, can shop at Treasures 4 Teachers.

Plus there is an annual membership which costs $35 per person. This membership gives you access to a warehouse filled with donated materials from fabric to binders, markers, staplers, paper and more.

You can get a reusable bag for $5 and fill it up with all the supplies needed.

They even have a small bag you can fill up for $1. There is even a free section!

Treasures for Teaches also has a specialty shop where teachers can get fancy paper, craft items, paint and teaching supplies anywhere from $.50 to a couple of bucks.

Treasures 4 Teachers

2127 S. Priest Drive (South of Broadway on Priest)
Tempe, AZ  85281
(480) 751-1122



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