The BEST deals at Valley grocery stores this week

Save money on your groceries this week by finding out what will be on sale.


Shop at Sprouts on Wednesday's and get double the savings because their ads overlap on that day. You get the current ad and last week's deals on Wednesday's. If you plan on shopping at Sprouts this week you will save on apples. They have Gala, Granny Smith, Jonathon Gold and Red Delicious apples for just $.69 per pound. Grab some boneless skinless chicken breast or pork loin roast for just $1.88 per pound.


Bashas' also has a smashing deal on boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.69 per pound with a limit of four. At Bashas' you can buy select varieties of General Mills cereal for $1.49 each and get up to four boxes at that price. Bashas' will have you going bananas because you can buy up to six pounds of bananas for $.33 per pound. You can only get this price during Bashas' four day sale which is on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You can also buy three avocados for $.99 during that same sale with a limit of six at that price. You can also buy a dozen eggs for $1.29 and buy two at that price.


Albertsons will also save you on a dozen eggs; it will only cost you $1.27. You can purchase two for that price. If you need some milk, Albertsons is selling a gallon of milk for just $1.77 each with a limit of two.


At Fry's you can save on a half a gallon of milk for just $.88 each. You can stock up on four at that price. You can save on boneless skinless chicken breast at Fry's for $1.77 per pound. You can purchase four packs at that price.

Food City

Head over to Food City and buy five avocados for just $.99 with a limit of 10. While you are Food City you can also stock up on tomatoes. You can buy four pounds for just $1 and you can buy eight pounds for that price. If you stop by Food City on Friday, Saturday or Sunday you can get four pounds of bananas for just $1 with an eight pound limit.

If you are 55 years or older you can get 10% off your entire bill at both Fry's and Bashas' on October 3rd. At Bashas' just make sure you also spend a minimum of $15. Albertsons is also offering 10% off your bill on Wednesday for both folks 55 years older and military too.

Here are few sites for finding coupons:

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