E-cloth claims that it will leave your glass and windows streak-free

I hate streaky mirrors and windows.

The e-cloth is supposed to make everything shine without using any chemicals. But will it work?

Let me try it before you buy it.

The makers of the e-cloth claim their product will amaze you with its non-streaking cleaning abilities. You can use it on just about any shiny surface including windows, mirrors and granite.

So of course, we tried it on several surfaces.

The instructions say to wet the surface you want to clean and use a dry e-cloth to clean it. It seems simple enough.

We tried it on mirrors, glass, granite, laminate counters and even the fridge--and guess what, it actually worked fairly well.

But I found it kind of pricey at $7.99 for just one cloth. They do have sales on some of their cloths to buy one and get one free, but that's still more than I want to pay.

Being your Smart Shopper, I had to find a cheaper alternative.

I found a 10-pack of microfiber cloths at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $10, and I've also had good results with those.

I do have to give the e-cloth a thumbs up for performance, because it does leave your glass and windows streak-free.

But I don't think it's worth the cash, since there are cheaper alternatives that work just as well.

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