Great some ways to stay in shape for cheap

PHOENIX - If you want to get in shape you don't have to go broke doing it.

You can get a gym membership if you need the motivation and accountability. If you can't afford one, or don't like going to the gym then let me share with you some money saving ideas for working out.

If you are someone that likes to do workout classes then try YouTube for that solution. If you go to YouTube and type in exercise videos, you will get a huge list of workout videos to choose from. Often these videos require some weights and mats to do them. I have a solution for that. It is called buy at used equipment.

I checked out prices on free weights at three Valley used sporting good stores. Arcadia Sports near 34 th Street and Thomas sells used cast iron weights when they have them in stock for $.59 per pound.

Play it Again Sports at 32 nd street and Greenway sells those same used weights for $.50 per pound.

C&S Sporting Goods near 7 th street just north of Bethany Home road and South of Maryland. They sell the cast iron used weights for $.80 per pound. If you need a workout mat same deal go to a used sporting goods store.

Also Craigslist and garage sales are also great places for finding workout equipment for nearly nothing. I recently bought a Precor Elliptical machine at a garage sale for just $150! Normally those machines will cost you $1700 brand new! Now that was a deal, but often folks buy these types of equipment with the best of intentions. But, usually they end up being used to hold your clothes than actually being used to exercise. So when you see them at a garage sale you can often negotiate a great deal.

One more thing to keep in mind, one great thing about living in Arizona is that you can often exercise outside about 300 days of the year. In the summer months, you may have to get up with the birds to beat the heat but you can still get a run, walk or hike in and that is always for free.  

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