Use shower caps to cover your food and keep it fresh

I love reusing and re-purposing things in order to save some money. 

Have you ever struggled to find a lid for your container so you can put leftover food in them? Well I may have an inexpensive solution.

Recently I did a story on Covermate Covers, which are plastic caps you can use to cover your food. We purchased 10 for $7 at Target. We tested them out and they kept our food fresh and they performed great. We gave this product a thumbs up.

Well what about using a shower cap to do the same thing? You know, those plastic shower caps you get for free at hotels? Why not use those to cover your food? If you want to stock up on those plastic shower caps you can buy them in bulk. They are called Polypropylene Bouffant Caps and you purchase 100 of them for around $16.

In our test using the Covermate Covers we tested them out for freshness over a two weeks. I did not test out the shower caps in terms of freshness over a period of time. But if you're in a pinch, and just need to store the food overnight, I think these inexpensive shower caps will meet your objective. The Covermate Covers will cost you $.70 each and the shower caps if you buy them in bulk just $.16.

Now as far as plastics and food I am not a scientist. I recommend you do not heat or use in the microwave just to be safe, but do your own research.


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