Does the Yolk Magic really separate yolks from whites like magic?

Have you attempted to separate the yolks from the eggs and somehow the yolk always seems to get mixed in?

Well the Yolk Magic is supposed to get rid of those yolks easily and without a mess.

But will it work? Let me try it before you buy it.

The yolk magic cost us nearly 15 dollars online and that includes shipping.

So let's see if it's worth the cash.

Extremely easy instructions. Crack your eggs as usual, then squeeze and release the silicone bulb on top of the yolk.

It's suppose to suck the yolk right into the chamber.

We tried it out several times and at first it seemed to do the job great. The only problem is it wasn't consistent.  Four out of five times it worked great.

I want to give it a thumbs up but I can't totally recommend a product that only works some of the time.

Of course I'm not going to leave you hanging, so i found another option for you.

I bought an OXO egg separator at Target for $5 and it works great.

Just put the device on your bowl, crack the egg on the separator and it will catch the yolk.

I tried it time after time and it worked every time. 

Even more, it's cheaper.

So now you can still have egg whites without the hassle and mess of getting rid of the yolk.

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