Does the Wraptastic really make wrapping food super easy?

Plastic wrap can be so annoying because it never rips the way it's supposed to and by the time you get it out of the box it's already sticking to itself.

The Wraptastic is supposed to solve that problem.

Tara Baker from Gilbert asked me to try it out because she has experienced the same problems. She says she simply avoids using plastic wrap because of the frustration.

So you know what I did, I bought one for Tara to try out for us.

She tried it out for about two weeks. She even used it to send home leftovers at her daughter's birthday party.

Tara says the directions are easy to understand, and the Wraptastic is easy to use ... you simply insert your roll with the spring loaded caps and you're ready to cut. Overall, Tara says it works pretty much as advertised. 

She says it doesn't cut as smoothly as shown on TV, but compared to not having it at all, it's still worth having. 

I also tried out the Wraptastic and I agree, it made a huge difference for cutting plastic wrap. It also works on aluminum foil and wax paper.

One downside is you can only use standard sized wrap. Don't just look at the length, but also the width of the actual role. We found that not all sizes will fit inside the Wraptastic.

Still Tara gave the Wraptastic a thumbs up. And I have to agree, it does live up to its claim.

We ordered the Wraptastic online. They advertise it for $10.99, buy one get one free, plus shipping and handling. So you get two of them, plus a roll of foil and a roll of plastic wrap. But after all of the fees, we paid nearly $25, plus it took us about a month to get it.

Bed, Bath and Beyond is selling one Wraptastic for $10.99. I'd say that's your better deal, plus you can get it right away.

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