Does the Passback Football really let you throw and catch by yourself?

10-year-old Jasim says his future plans are to play in the NFL and then of course own the team.

So he's often looking for ways to get better at the game, which is why we had to try out the Passback Football.

The claim is you can throw and catch by yourself and that the ball rebounds and spirals back to you.

We had Jasim throw the ball at a concrete wall over and over again.

Each time the ball bounced right back at Jasim.

But there was one problem; Jasim says even though the claim is that the ball would spiral back to him, it didn't.

Jasim says another downside is you need a tall wall.

He says if you have a regular-sized wall, the ball bounces back too low, which isn't helpful.

But he says there are some benefits, "you can work on your throwing and it comes right back to you and you don't have to go get it," says Jasim.

We bought the Passback Football online for $35 dollars, but Jasim says the cost is a little too high.

He says overall he still likes the ball but can't quite give it a thumbs up because it doesn't do everything it's supposed to.

He adds, "I wouldn't replace it with a real ball because you wouldn't really be able to play catch with your friends but it's good for training."

Jasim gives the Passback Football a thumbs in the middle.

He says the Passback Football has its pros and cons but in the end he says you have to decide for yourself if it's worth the cash.

It doesn't live up to all of its claims but it's better than trying to throw a regular football at the wall to practice your throwing and catching.

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