Will it work? Smart Shoppers test out 'Music Bullet'

I have some good songs on my phone but the speaker is horrible.

Well don't lug out the big speakers to enjoy your music, because the Music Bullet is suppose to give you big, quality sound.

But will it work? Let me try it before you buy it.

The claim is the Music Bullet will make your iPod sound bigger, your iPad bolder, your computer better and your Mp3 louder.

Sounds awesome!

The Music Bullet is easy to use… you just plug it in and turn it on and you can make it even louder by expanding the music bullet.

We tried the Music Bullet on the laptop, iPad and our Smartphones, and guess what I was impressed.

One other claim... It also works as a speakerphone for your cell phone.

And it worked great for that too.

We bought the Music Bullet on Amazon.com for $10 plus shipping and I think it was totally worth the cost.

It lives up to the main claim of making your music louder so I give it a thumbs up.

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