Does the Litter Locker really eliminate those foul kitty litter odors?

We all love our pets, but it doesn't mean we like cleaning up after them. Nor do we like the foul odor from their litter boxes.

Well the makers of the Litter Locker claim that their product can help eliminate those nasty odors. But can it? Let me try it before you buy it.

The instructions say to take off the seal on the plastic bag container, pull out the plastic bag downward and tie it into a knot at the bottom. Next, place it into the Litter Lock compartment.

Open the Litter Locker and secure the knot to the turn wheel. Close the Litter Locker and turn the wheel until it locks in place. Then when you clean the litter box, simply put the waste in the top compartment and turn the wheel until it locks again. Once the litter locker is full, you simply cut the plastic bag, then tie it into a knot at the end and dispose of it.

We tried it for two weeks and it did live up to the claim of keeping the litter smell contained.

So I have to give it a thumbs up for its claim.

But, I can't say it's a great money saver. We paid $19.99 for the Litter Locker and the refills can be expensive at $8.49 per refill. And if you have two or more cats, the Litter Locker can fill up pretty fast.

A better option is re-using the grocery bags you get from the store and keep up with the daily cleanup. It's a little more work, but will definitely save you money in the long run.

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