Does the Instant Zipper work?

The claim is you just snap and zip and your problem with a broken zipper is solved, but does the Instant Zipper work?

You might not be able to afford to just throw things away when a zipper breaks, so I had to try the Instant Zipper .

It could definitely save lots of frustration and cash.

The instructions say to first remove your old zipper with cutting pliers.

Now choose the zipper size you need and open it by pushing on the lower jaw of the mouth.

It seems pretty simple with the smaller zipper, but I couldn't seem to get the bigger zipper open with my nail like the instructions suggested, so I ended up using a screwdriver.

The next step is to place the open instant zipper into the closed bottom of the zipper track, snap it closed, and it's supposed to be ready to use.

For our fleece shirt it actually works and was an instant solution.

We also tried it on a kid pajama sleeper. It snaps on easily, but the zipper doesn't work.

We tried the same instant zipper on a kid fleece and we had to tug a little, but eventually it worked.

The claim on the infomercial is that it even works on luggage and purses.

We tried it on a wallet that has been broken for months. It's still broken. The instant zipper didn't help.

I gave it one more try on my workout bag.

Again, we just couldn't get the zipper to catch.

The company sent us the Instant Zipper, but I found it online for $19.99.

I was really excited to see that the Instant Zipper worked on a few items we tried, but it didn't work on everything.

It seemed to work best only on items that have a zipper stop.

Still, it doesn't live up to the claim of fixing any zipper so I have to give it a thumbs down.

If you have a simple solution to fix a zipper, comment on my Facebook page .

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