Does the Chop Magic really chop your food in one second?

I love to cook, but chopping and slicing food can take up so much time.

And as your Smart Shopper, you know I’m not going to waste cash on pre-cut foods.

So when I saw the Chop Magic I had to try it out.

It's supposed to chop, mince, cube, slice and dice your food fast and easy.

And when I saw the claim that it can chop a whole onion in one second, there was no way I could pass up trying it out.

So I grabbed onions, carrots and potatoes and started chopping.

The Chop Magic comes with two blades, a dicing blade and slicing blade.

The instructions say trim your veggies, so I cut off the outer part of the onion.

I started with the slicing blades and they went right through the onion.

The first impression is a good one.

Then I tried the dicing blade on the onion.

I pushed and pushed and pushed some more and finally got the onion diced.

It definitely took more than a second.

So we tried cutting the onion in half and still it took a whole lot of effort to dice it.

Next up are the carrots.

This time the bigger part of the carrot got stuck in the slicing blade.

A little better with the smaller end, but I want the whole carrot!

Finally the potatoes -- this time the Chop Magic did a great job. It quickly sliced and diced right through the potato.

The Chop Magic cost $19.88 at Walmart and although it worked on some items, I don't think it's worth the cash.

A better option... the Chop Wizard .

I've been using it for years and we tried it again on the same veggies and it sliced and diced with no problem.

It'll cost you about $20 at Target and I'd say it's a much better use of your cash.


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