Does Ruggies really keep rugs from slipping around? The Smart Shopper tries it before you buy it

PHOENIX - Does this happen to you, your rug just won't stay in place?

The Ruggies claims to be the perfect solution, but will it work? Let me try it before you buy it.

Ruggies claims that it will work on all floor types, including both hard floors and carpet.

We first tried the Ruggies on our floor runner. We put each of the sticky pieces on the underside of each corner of the rug, and then pressed the corners down so it would stick.

At first glance it appeared to stick well, but as the day went on the rug continued to move out of place.

The problem got a bit worse when the Ruggies were no longer sticking to the rug, but sticking to the floor.

The instructions do mention that all carpets vary and sometimes the Ruggies won't stick. But the makers suggested a solution: removable tape. 

So, we tried it again with the tape and it worked a little longer. The rug stayed in place for almost two whole days.

So even though the Ruggies feel really sticky to your fingers, it doesn't have the same effect on carpet.

I bought the Ruggies at Walmart for $10 and from our results, I'd say it's definitely not worth the cash.

I give the Ruggies a thumbs down.

How do you keep rugs from slipping on carpet?

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