Does Perfect Fries really make fries in seconds?

I love homemade fries.

So when I got the Perfect Fries as a gift, I was excited to see if it actually works.

With a simple push, you can have perfect fries in seconds. It's also supposed to make perfect sweet potato fries, veggies fries, even apple fries.

I cut a small tip off the end of the potato as the instructions say.

Then I put the potato onto the blades.

Next I put the lid on and started to push.

My first try was not successful.

So I pushed harder and the potato actually got stuck.

I got it loose and cut it in half, hoping it would make things a little easier.

Not so ... I put all of my weight on the Perfect Fries and still it wouldn't cut through.

On the back of the instructions it says for firm potatoes you may want to soften them by boiling them or putting them in the microwave.

So I put the potato in the microwave for about five minutes and tried again.

And my fries still didn't come out even close to perfect.

I tried again on a sweet potato and the results were the same.

So I moved on to carrots and apples.

The Perfect Fries worked great on those.

The cost is $10 and I have to say I would not spend my cash on it.

The main goal is to make perfect fries but it did a horrible job of cutting my potatoes.

So I have to give the Perfect Fries a thumbs down.

My advice... If you want perfect fries that are easy to cut spend $10 dollars more and buy the Vidalia Chop Wizard. I used it to cut the same potato with ease and we've been using it for years on all sorts of fruits and veggies.

Otherwise, you can simply use a knife and not spend any cash at all.

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