Does Party in the Tub really get kids excited about baths?

Sometimes getting the kids in the bath is just frustrating.

Phoenix resident Charlotte Shaff says sometimes she has to threaten and bribe her kids to take a bath.

So a party in the tub might just be the solution.

Charlotte needs to get two-year-old Eric and four-year-old Jake excited about baths.

There just so happens to be a product called Party in the Tub and it claims it that it will do just that … create a party experience in the tub to get kids more excited.

We paid $22.90 online and it came with two Party in the Tub lights and 10 Tub Tizzies.

We started with the Tizzies.

First try, not very impressive. So we tried it again.

We tried several times, but we never got much fizz.

And after the Tizzies dissolved, you almost want to run another bath because the water is so dirty.

So we moved onto the Party in the Tub lights.

Charlotte put both lights in the tub and waited for the party.

The Party in the Tub floated around but right away the boys lost interest.

In fact 4-year-old Jake told us it was not a party.

Mom agrees, no party over here! So Charlotte has a better, more affordable solution.

She has a ball that lights up that she says she bought for $1. She says it keeps them busy long enough for her to get them clean.

The Party in the Tub partly does what it says, it lights up. But it definitely did not create any type of party for Jake and Eric.

Charlotte gives it a thumbs down.


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