Does it work? Air Curler claims it will dry and curl your hair at the same time

A device that will curl and dry your hair at the same time? That's what the Air Curler is supposed to do.

It sounds amazing... if it really works.

Well, let me try it before you buy it.

Aaliyah from Glendale and Cassondra from Phoenix agreed to try out the product with the help of Michaela, hair stylist at Snapdragon Salon in Phoenix.

Aaliyah has naturally curly hair, but she doesn't like the curl because it's tight and frizzy, so she's looking forward to an easy way to get nice, soft curls.

Cassondra has straight, thin hair and says she would love some curls, so both girls were excited to try out the Air Curler.

The instructions say to make sure your roots are dry and the rest of your hair is damp.

My first impression was why would you wash your hair and only dry the roots? But the instructions say you can mist your dry hair. So that's what we did.

Michaela got started on Aaliyah's hair first, but right away the Air Curler fell right off the blow dryer.

After a few tries, the Air Curler just wasn't doing the job for Aaliyah's hair, even after letting it curl for more than the recommended 10-15 seconds.

So Michaela straightened Aaliyah's hair to see if it would make a difference.

Of course that took more time and in the end Aaliyah's hair didn't look any better than when we first started.

We hoped we'd have better luck with Cassondra's hair.

Immediately Cassondra was surprised because she noticed a little bit of a curl.

But as Michaela continued to curl, Cassondra was less impressed.

She says she looked more like she just came from the beach; there were curls, but very messy. She says she would never wear her hair that way.

Still, in the end, the Air Curler worked better on straight, fine hair, but not well enough to spend $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

All three ladies gave the Air Curler a thumbs down.

Hairstylist Michaela says you will get a prettier curl from using a curling iron in less time.

She adds that using the blow dryer for so long is adding more heat to your hair than you'd use with a curling iron, so Michaela says she would stay away from the Air Curler.


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