Does Insta Lift really remove graffiti, permanent marker in minutes?

Permanent marker, spray paint, rust stains, stickers; they are all annoying stains that seem impossible to remove.

The Insta Lift is supposed to get rid of all sorts of stains in just seconds.

But will it actually live up to its claim? Let me try it before you buy it.

I must admit, it doesn't seem like a feasible task because I've tried all sorts of products that simply didn't get the job done. So to say the least, I started off skeptical.

So I tried it out on lots of stains, including paint, graffiti, permanent marker, oil in the driveway, stickers, even gum.

First the permanent marker. I scribbled in black marker all over a whiteboard.

I sprayed the Insta Lift and the marker wiped away instantly.

Next up, the sticker. I sprayed the Insta Lift and wiped and some of the sticker came off, but not much.

So I sprayed it again and let it sit for a few minutes and the sticker came right off.

One of the major claims is it will remove paint from several surfaces.

I sprayed the Insta Lift on a door that had unwanted paint for years and the results were was similar to the sticker.

After I let it sit for a few minutes, the paint disappeared.

Not so lucky with the graffiti.

I sprayed, wiped, sprayed some more, waited and wiped some more.

I tried the same process three times, but the graffiti never came off.

Similar results with the old oil stains in the driveway. The stain lightened but no luck getting it to disappear like in the infomercials.

As for the gum.  It had been sitting on the sidewalk for months and I think the sun did too much of a number on it because although the Insta Lift caused the gum to change colors, it did not help to remove the gum.

One last test, I had a stain on my seats in my car.

I was pleasantly surprised because the Insta Lift easily removed the stain.

I was torn at the results of the Insta Lift because it removed stains really well.

But one of the major claims was that it would remove graffiti and it didn't do a great job of that.

Still for 12 bucks I'm going to say the Insta Lift is worth the cash.

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