Does Hurricane Spin Mop live up to its claim of spinning dirt away?

The makers of the Hurricane Spin Mop claim to make mopping easier by spinning dirt away without getting your hands dirty.  The infomercial sure makes it look convincing. So let me try it before you buy it!

First we put the mop together. It was fairly easy. You simply match up the letters on the handles and screw the top handle to the middle handle and that’s it! Now let’s see if using the mop is as simple.

I filled the bucket and soaked the mop. It was a little awkward to use the mop at first, but I quickly got used to it. We mopped several areas, including tile and wood floors and it seemed to do a good job of cleaning. The mop head is made of microfiber cloth, so it picks up dirt easily.

And when it was time to wring the mop, the process was not so bad. We put the mop flat on the wringer and tilted the handle. Next, we pressed the foot handle repeatedly and sure enough the mop spun until it was just a little damp. So I like the fact that I didn’t need to get my hands dirty. But I will say the construction of the mop isn’t so great. It seems to be cheaply made. In fact the handle is starting to bend after only using the mop for less than two weeks.

Overall, the Hurricane Spin Mop lives up to its promise of keeping your hands clean, but I paid $40 for it and just don’t think it’s worth the cash. I bought a microfiber mop at Target for $11 and bucket for $1 at The Dollar Store and it still kept my hands clean when I wrung it. So I think I will stick with the cheaper alternative.

We bought the Hurricane Spin Mop at Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.99.

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