Do Style Snaps live up to their claim?

PHOENIX - Looking for a way to shorten your jeans or slacks without dragging out a thread and needle, or paying to have them altered?

Style Snaps are supposed to let you change your hem, however and whenever you want.

But will it work? Let me try it before you buy it.

The commercial says just peel off a Style Snap and snap… no sewing, ironing or gluing.

It definitely looked easy so I checked it out. I used a pair of skinny jeans, boot cut jeans and a button down shirt.

We started with the shirt, followed the instructions to close the gap and, voila, it actually worked.

Style Snaps are supposed to be reusable so we took the snap from the shirt and tried to use it on our jeans. It didn't work though, as the adhesive separated right from the snap.

We used a new one and followed the instructions for the skinny jeans which are different than for the boot cut jeans.

For both we turned the jeans inside out. For the skinny jeans we put the snaps directly on the seam, but for the boot cut jeans we put two snaps on each side below the hem.

We had trouble with both pairs of jeans because the pants kept catching on our feet, and once we got the jeans on, we still didn't like it.
With the boot cut jeans we lost the hem stitch and it just didn't feel secure. With the skinny jeans we got the same look by just folding the jeans under.

We tried one more time by using the Style Snaps on a pair of pants that were missing a button. It snapped together pretty easy, but after wearing the pants for just 15 minutes it unsnapped and we couldn't get it to stay.

So overall I was not impressed with the Style Snaps.

They cost $10 for a set of 32, plus $8 for processing, definitely not worth the cash.

I gave the Style Snaps a thumbs down.

Do you have a simple way to quickly hem your pants without spending a lot of money? Send me an e-mail at .

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