Cities across the Valley making composting affordable

It's gardening season and one thing you will need to have a successful garden is good soil.

You don't have to go broke buying it; you can make your own by composting.

Cities across the Valley are making it affordable.

I got my compost bin through the City of Phoenix for $5.

All I had to do was call and schedule a time to pick up my container.

602-262-7251 or 602-262-6598

The City of Mesa also offers its residents a composting container for a $5 refundable deposit.

You can keep the container as long as you want.

Just call the city and they will even deliver it to you for free.

The deliveries are on a weekly basis.


The City of Chandler also offers free composting containers, but you'll need to bring a copy of your utility bill and a photo ID to get it.

You will need to pick up the bin.


The City of Tempe is even more affordable.

They offer their containers for free, plus they also deliver it straight to your home.

All you have to do is call.

It normally takes up to two weeks to get your bin.


The City of Glendale also offers free compost bins to their residents.

They reuse damaged trash containers and re-purpose them for composting.

All you have to do is call to get the free compost bin and they will deliver it for free.

If they don't have any available, they will simply put you on a list to get one when they have more.


Call your city to see what types of discounts they may offer for compost bins.

Now you can make gardening cheaper and help the environment at the same time.

Click on this link to help get your compost started.



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