Checkout 51 mobile app pays users to go grocery shopping

PHOENIX - We all have to eat, so why not get paid to buy your groceries!

Checkout 51 is an app and website that lets you do just that.

Here is how it works:

Each Thursday morning Checkout 51 updates their app and site with a list of offers. Note the offers and brands within the offer.

Shop around the grocery store as you normally would. You don't need to focus entirely on the offers listed, but make sure to keep your receipt after you check out.

You will upload your receipt into the app and mark all of the items you bought that were also listed in the Checkout 51 offer.

Your receipt will then get approved and money will be credited to your account.

The company will send you a check once your account balance reaches $20.

Even better, you can shop at any store and it doesn't matter whether the items are on sale or not.

I got $2 added to my account just for uploading my first receipt.

Then I got another dollar for buying Triscuit crackers, 50 cents for a gallon of milk and 25 cents for any variety of apples.

My advice, use the app for the things you are already buying. Don't buy items just to get a discount otherwise you are defeating the purpose of saving.

Overall I am impressed with app. It's easy to use and you can get paid for buying groceries that you would buy anyway. Checkout 51 won't make you rich, but every little penny counts.

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