Check out these deals before heading to the grocery store this week

PHOENIX - Don't go broke buying groceries. Find out what's on sale before heading to the store.

Food City

Head to Food City this week and save on chicken. Chicken drumsticks or thighs cost just $.78 per pound with a two pack limit. You can also get an incredible deal on cucumbers at Food City -- they have nine for just $.99 and you can buy just nine for that price. Don't forget to pick up some tomatoes. Food City has three pounds of Roma tomatoes for $.99 and you can buy up to six pounds for that price.


Fry's has a buy-five-get-$5-off sale this week on participating items. For example, if you buy General Mills participating cereals the regular price is $2.99 each, but if you buy five participating items you will get a $1 off each item bringing that cereal to just $1.99. So look for those participating items so you can maximize your savings.


Albertsons has a coupon in their ad for select varieties of Kellogg's cereal. You can buy up to four boxes for $1.88 each with that coupon. At Albertsons you can also save on strawberries. They have three pounds of strawberries for $2.97, that's less than a $1 per pound and you can buy two containers for that price.


You can get a similar deal on strawberries at Bashas'. They have 16-ounce containers for $.99 each and you can save on four containers for that price. Both Albertsons and Bashas' have a gallon of milk for just $1.79 and you can buy two for that price. If you want a burger go ahead and have it because at Bashas' you can save on ground chuck. They have one pound for $2.39 per pound with a limit of two packs at that price.


Save on pineapples or cantaloupe at Sprouts. They have them on sale for $.88 each. Organic grass beef can break the bank, but Sprouts will help you save. They have organic grass fed beef on sale for $4.99 per pound. Normally you would pay $6.99 per pound.

Make sure to check your Valley grocery store ads before heading to the store. Plus check out your grocery store's website for coupons and additional deals. 


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