Cheap textbooks: Online vs. local bookstores

College tuition is expensive enough.

Add the price of books and you may have to sacrifice the finer things in life, at least for a little while.

So will you get the best deals online or at local bookstores?

I compared the price to rent textbooks online and at the Sun Devil Campus Stores and boy was there a huge difference in price.

First on the syllabus, an art book.

My first observation, the price varies depending on which Sun Devil store you choose.

You'll pay $62.25 cents at the downtown Phoenix store to rent a used book for the semester.

Much cheaper at the Tempe store, $41.38.

If you want the book shipped to you, you'll pay an additional $5.50.

The price dips even more at .

You'll pay $24.87 for the semester.

Plus shipping is free both ways.

Still seems to save you the most on the art book charging $19.49 cents, about half of what you'd pay at the Sun Devil Campus Store.

But wait, not so fast, shipping isn't included.    

Add $5.99 to that total and takes the lead. also has the lowest price for an English book, Writing Arguments.

You'll pay $25.70. is a close second, charging $26.49.

But don't forget to add shipping.

Still the Sun Devil Campus Store has the highest price charging double… $54.04 for the same book.

We can't get through school without talking money so we checked the price of an accounting book and the results aren't changing, although the price gap is pretty significant.

You'll pay $129.63 cents at the Sun Devil Campus Store.

About half that price at , $66.16, and that includes shipping.

And as with all of the books we searched, has the best price, $38.58 to rent the same book for a full semester.

The prices don't lie; I definitely found the best deals to rent textbooks at

And the savings were huge.

All these prices were compared on July 31. They are subject to change

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