Cheap, easy ways to get organized at 99-cent only stores

If you want to get organized for cheap,  think 99-cent Only Stores for buying items to help.

I recently went to the 99-cent Only Store to see what container and storage items they had in stock. Boy did I hit the jackpot! They had square containers, stacking containers and even an organizer to store your cleaning products.

Each item cost just 99 cents, and the best part for me is I felt great about buying these things to get my craft room organized for dirt cheap.

While I was there, I saw they had a ton of stuff for Valentine's Day. I found cards, candy, stickers and decorations plus gift bags all for 99 cents or less.

So if you need to get organized, or get your sweetheart a gift, you shouldn't go broke doing it. Now you can just head over to the 99-cent Only Store and have fun getting organized. 

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