Can you easily make your own slushies with the Slushy Magic?

The Slushy Magic is supposed to turn your favorite drink in to a slushy in just seconds, but will it work?

Let me try it before you buy it.

The box says you can "slushify" any drink from juice, chocolate milk, and even soda.

First you have to put the freezer cubes into the freezer for about two to three hours.

The instructions say the colder the drink, the faster it works.

So we started with soda.

Be sure to put your finger over the hole on the lid.

For carbonated drinks, lift your finger every two to three shakes to allow some pressure to release.

We shook, shook, and shook some more, but after two minutes, we had a mess and maybe a little bit of slush.

Next we tried an orange juice drink.

After two minutes, again we have a little bit of slush, but definitely not quite like the commercials.

Then we tried to "slushify" chocolate milk.

I have to say, you can really get a workout trying to make these slushies.

After two minutes of shaking our chocolate milk is definitely colder, but I wouldn't call it a slushy.

I paid $18.99 on .

First I have to say the downside to the Slushy Magic is you have to keep refreezing the cubes, so you can't make one right after the next.

After all of this shaking I didn't feel the magic.

My slushies don't look anything like they do in the infomercial.

After a few tries there was a little ice toward the bottom of the cup, but I wouldn't call it a slushy.

I give the Slushy Magic a thumbs down.

Something you could try would be to pour your favorite drink in a cup, put it in the freezer and, in about an hour, you'll have a little bit of slush for free.


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