Can the Turbo Snake really unclog your drain?

If you have a clogged drain, you might not have to spend cash on a plumber because the Turbo Snake is supposed to do the hard work for you.

But will it work?  We put it to the test to find out.

The claim is that the Turbo Snake is the easiest way to unclog any drain in your bathroom, guaranteed, and without chemicals.

The first test is a clogged drain in the shower.

The package comes with two snakes, a flat head and a cylinder head.

The instructions say to use the flat head for the shower.

It says to guide the turbo snake into the drain, uncoiling as necessary to reach the clog.

Then twist and move the snake up and down to grab the hair clog.

When the Turbo Snake is removed, there it is - the messy hair clog! The instructions say to repeat as needed and we keep pulling out debris.

Once we turned on the water, we noticed a big difference right away. The water is now freely flowing down the drain!

So far so good, but will we get the same results for our backed up sink?

This time, the instructions say to use the cylinder head to move past the drain cover. Again, the Turbo Snake pulls out debris and the drain runs clearly.

Same results for our drain in the bathtub.

We never had to remove the drain covers and it was able tackle all three of our clogs.

We are impressed.

We found the Turbo Snake for as little as $10 online and $7 at Walgreens. We'd say it's worth the cost.

Compare that to at least $50 just for many plumbers to come out.

It's a huge savings, so we give the Turbo Snake a thumbs up.

You have to clean the hair and debris off the pads after every use and it's gross! So be careful if you have a weak stomach. Clearing hair clogs from drains is a dirty job.

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