Can the Rice Cube really make sushi in seconds?

The makers of the Rice Cube claim that their product can help you make sushi in seconds and without using any sticky rice, but will it work? I tried it, so you can find out if it's worth the cash.

The box came with instructions and the cube, but no recipes. You can, however, find plenty on their website or just be creative. You can use any type of cooked rice but they recommend jasmine rice because it is the stickiest. And you don't have to use any additives to make the rice sticky.  

I read the instructions and they were very simple.

First, open the top and then position the cube to the mark on the bottom part of the cube. Next, put your ingredients in the well and fill it, putting just enough so it won't overfill. Close the top and gently press inwards and then open the top and pull back to the start position and now your sushi is complete.

I made my sushi using imitation crab and avocado. I also made some using crab salad. It took just a few minutes to make. They turned out looking like sushi cubes.

I made my sushi using jasmine rice and if you want to use seaweed you can use that too, or whatever you want. I purchased the Rice Cube from and it cost $19.95. Based on our test I give the Rice Cube a thumbs up. It made my sushi in seconds and I used regular jasmine rice without having to add anything to make the rice stick. 


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