Get FREE shipping online December 17

Monday, December 17th may not mean a whole lot to you, but it is a big day if you love to shop online.

December 17th is Free Shipping Day and over 1,600 online merchants are offering some type of shipping deal. Plus, these retailers promise you will get your stuff before December 24th. 

If you want to find out which retailer is participating you can see all of the shipping deals at .

On the flip side, I'm sure a lot of folks will be buying stuff online to give as gifts. So, you get free shipping but what about if you, or the person you gave the gift to, does not like the present? What about free shipping on returns? Well there are many online retailers that offer that service.

For example on you will get free shipping starting today until December 29th , of course you have to use the promo code "Just Do It" in order to get free shipping. With, you can also get free shipping on returns but there is a catch. You have to sign up and become a member in order to get that free return on shipping. Not a big deal, it doesn't cost you any money just sign up with an email address and password and that's it. offers free shipping actually everyday and they also offer free return shipping should you need to return your item. Both Nike and Nordstrom make it really easy to return items you have purchased from them online. You don't have to pay for shipping and wait for them to credit you back. On both websites you can print out a shipping label directly from their websites.

If you are thinking about buying something online but are apprehensive should you need to return something, there is no need to worry.

Here is my advice, look at the merchants' return policy and check to see if they offer free return shipping. Plus, a lot of online retailers have stores you can go to and they will often allow you to return the item at the store.

Bottom-line, do your research on the company you want to buy from, therefore you will have no surprises. 

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