Buy shoes, purses and more for amazing prices at LA Wholesale Shoes

PHOENIX - Buy shoes for an amazing price, just $9.99 at L.A. Wholesale Shoes.

They sell women and girls' shoes, in sizes ranging from five to ten. They sell sandals, heels, open-toed and closed-toed shoes all for $9.99 each.

It gets even better!

I went by the store Tuesday and saw they are having an end of season sale and that means you can buy a pair of sandals or shoes for $5.99.

Now these clearance shoes are sold "as is," but it's still a great deal. Keep in mind that these shoes are a bargain for under $10, but at the same time, these are not shoes that will last forever.

If you need a purse, all purses at L.A. Wholesale are $24.99, boots are $24.99 and sunglasses are just $7.99 a pair. So look stylish without breaking the bank.

I like the variety and style of shoes they carry versus some similar stores that sell crazy low-priced shoes. All shoes come with a seven day manufacturer's warranty against defects.

So make sure you like what you are buying before you buy it. You will only be able to exchange shoes that are defective.

L.A. Wholesale Shoes
4836 N. 16th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
602-277-SHOES (4637)

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