Bulky wallet? FREE apps store your loyalty cards

Do you have a bulky wallet? Is it bulky because of the loyalty cards from the stores you shop at?

There are two free apps you can download to solve your problem. Card Star and Key Ring . Both apps are available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones.

These free apps allow you to enter all your store loyalty cards onto your phone. That means you will never forget to bring them with you to the store, as long as you don't forget your phone.

The only hassle is entering all of your cards in the app. If the physical card you want to enter has a barcode, both apps allow you to scan it and it will upload the card information automatically. If the card does not have a barcode, then you will need to enter the card number manually. Both apps will walk you through the process.

Both apps create a barcode on your phone. When you go to check out, all you do is pull up the loyalty card and the cashier will either scan it or enter the number in manually. If the cashier uses a hand held barcode reader, they scan it, but if they use a flat barcode reader, it won't read it and the cashier will have to enter the code manually.

Both apps meet the objective of storing loyalty cards on your phone and they're both free. Plus, both apps offer other features like finding deals with the cards you have stored on the app.

In addition, Key Ring lets you sign up for loyalty cards directly from their app. So check them both out and see which one fits your needs.

Now, the bulk is gone and you have room to bulk up your wallet with cash instead.


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