Broke from buying gifts? Don't go broke wrapping them

PHOENIX - Holidays mean spending lots of money, especially on the gift giving side. So don't go broke on spending money on wrapping those gifts. Head over to the $.99 only store and get your gift wrapping needs fulfilled for cheap.

If you need a small to medium size Holiday gift bag you can get it at the $.99 only store for just under $.80 each, and that includes wine bags too. If you need a jumbo holiday gift bag for a large gift item like a huge teddy bear, those bags will cost you $.99999 which really means a $1 at the $.99 only store.

Holiday gift wrapping paper, 2 pack gift boxes, and tin canisters all cost $1 for each item. Those tin canisters are great to use to hold some homemade cookies and give them as a gift. It will hold those cookies together so they won't break, and it will look like you spent a lot of money without actually doing that.

If you need bows you can buy a bag of 25 for $1. If you break it down that is just $.04 per bow. I found a site that sells these bows bulk you will pay $.05 each per bow for a pack of 200. So the $.99 only store really has a good price on that.

Do keep in mind the $.99 only store does not always have the best prices on certain items. For example, when it comes to that wrapping paper, look and see how many feet of wrapping paper you are getting for $1. Often the $.99 only store will have less in order to sell if for $1, so the price per feet maybe a lot more.

I did a quick price search on wrapping paper, the 16 foot Holiday wrapping paper I purchased at the $.99 only store was just $1. On Amazon for 16 feet wrapping paper online you will pay $9.  Of course this is without looking and feeling the quality of the wrapping paper. I am sure several stores have amazing deals on wrapping paper. Just make sure you figure out how many feet you are getting for the price. Happy Holidays.

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