Bored? Find something to do in Phoenix with this site

PHOENIX - Do you find yourself searching site after site trying to find something to do? Well get dressed, because here is a site that makes getting out of the house easy.

It's called and if you thought there was nothing to do, this site definitely proves you wrong.

You can search by keywords, categories, communities and date. 

So we tried it out and found something to do for Father's Day. 

There's a free Father's Day barbeque at Practical Art in Phoenix. It's Sunday from noon to 2 p.m. and there will be free food, drinks and even a tournament.

The site also gives you suggestions on places to stay, where to eat, and even trip ideas whether it's a romantic getaway or something for the entire family. 

So before you assume it's more fun to stay in the house, search the site. You would be surprised at how much there is for you to do!

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