Blimpie offering .$50 sub to celebrate 50 years in business

Grab a sub for just $.50!

Stop in at any Blimipie location on Friday, April 4 and be one of the first 200 people at each location and get a regular sized Best Subs for just $.50.

Blimpie is doing this to celebrate 50 years in business. So head over early to be one of the first  200 people and get lunch for just $.50.

Most Valley locations open at 10 a.m., but call your store to make sure.

To find a location and store hours head to their website at

Thinking about purchasing something from a company you have never used before? Well don't do it without researching the business first.

Let Google do the work for you. This simple tip could save you from getting ripped off. When you do a search on a company go to Google, type in the company name and after the name type in reviews or complaints.

This will show you what other people are saying about the company. Also check out the to see how they rate the company or .

Another useful tool to check out companies is called . It is a placed where consumers can write letters to companies and the site will send the letter to the company for a response.

You can choose whether you want the letter you write to go public on their website, or not. You can also do a search on a company for free at this site and read what letters have been written about them and comments from other people about the company.  

You can search by name or industry. If they are not listed, you can be the first to write a letter, but you will need to provide the businesses' address so they can mail out the letter. It is just that simple. 

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