Best times and sites to find deals and coupon codes

We all like finding deals, and coupon codes can help when shopping online. So when is the best time to find coupon codes?

An article from helps eliminate the mystery of finding the best times to get those codes.

The beginning of the month is when a lot of online retailers release coupons codes. These codes usually are not the best ones but they often don’t expire until the end of the month. So if you find one from a retailer at the beginning of the month, hang on to it just in case you can’t find a better one. Some savings are better than none.

A lot of coupons are released Sunday, Monday or toward the end of the week for weekend deals. Often these weekly codes don't last that long but they often offer better discounts than the monthly coupons.

When it comes to holidays that don't require gift giving, like Labor Day, you tend to find coupons codes just a few days before the holiday and not months in advance.  But, according to, coupons for the holidays that require gift giving will start to be released as early as six weeks before the holiday.

When it comes to the best month for finding coupons codes, from the past few years the data has gathered concludes that August and October are the two months where the largest amount of coupon codes are available. August being the back to school sale season and October is when Halloween is arriving and holiday sales will soon be starting.

To find those coupon codes check out websites like and . Also both and do a great job of posting current online sales.

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