Best things to buy in October: Save by knowing when to shop

Many people are already stocking up on Halloween items, but if you want the best price, the best time to buy is actually after the holiday.

Still, that doesn't mean you can't find good bargains in October.

It's a great time to shop for lingerie, because stores are offering huge sales. Fredericks of Hollywood has sales for up to 70 percent off on their fall fashion items. They have bras for as low as $14 and sandals for just $10.

It's cooling off, but you still need a working air conditioner. Mike with Donley Services says it's a great time to buy A/C units. He says contractors are more aggressive because it's getting cooler.

Also, some stores want to clear space for holiday stuff. With cooler weather also comes cheap prices on camping equipment. Cabelas has all sorts of sales on things for the hunting season, including tents and grills.

And we can't forget toys! Many stores are getting rid of last year's models, and are gearing up for the newer stuff for the holiday season, so it's perfect time to find sales.

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