Best and worst things to buy in March

The gorgeous weather and tax refund checks are just two things some of us are looking forward to this month.

But don't spend your whole check in one place because there are some good deals to be found, but also many things you'll want to wait on, including lingerie.

You'd think there would be lots of discounts since Valentine’s Day just ended, but that's not the case.

Instead, wait until June when Victoria’s Secret has its semi-annual sale.

Other retailers tend to mark down their prices as well including Frederick’s of Hollywood and Macy's.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, high-end chocolate stores have some chocolate left over from the holiday and that means sweet deals for you!

Chocolate van Brugge in Scottsdale tells us those items are on sale so they can make room for the Easter goodies.

For example they are selling four of their chocolate hearts for $7.

The regular cost is $10 each!

March is National Frozen Food Month and that means it's time for you to stock up.

Grocery stores across the country are offering bargains to celebrate including this deal at Sprouts. Get 20 percent off any frozen food that you can fit in their sale bag, which is a standard-sized paper grocery bag.

It's good from March 19 through the 26.

Finally smartphones. Many phone manufacturers debuted new phones last month, so that means the previous models are old news and that's good news for you.

According to Deal News, you can get free phones with a contract, and expect to save up to 50 percent on phones without a contract.

Spring is near and that means time for some spring cleaning.

Retailers are trying to get your cleaning dollars so it’s a good time to buy cleaning supplies because you should find them on sale.

The house can’t look good without smelling good so look for deals on home fragrances, like candles, plugins and diffusers.

So no need to pay full price for anything this month, you just have to know when to buy.


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