Back to school savings: Where to find the BEST prices on backpacks

We showed you where to shop for the best prices on school supplies .

Now the kids will need a backpack to carry those supplies and I’ve has already done the work to help you save.

I checked the prices on backpacks all around the Valley.

On my route.... Big Lots, Walmart, Target, OfficeMax, and Marshalls.

At Big Lots the most expensive bag I found was just $15. The least expensive was $9.

Great prices, but very little variety.

I found more variety at Target, but you'll also pay more.

At Target the best priced regular-sized backpack is $14.99. Their highest priced bag is $69.99.

Walmart also had a large variety of backpacks at very good prices.

The most expensive bag I found was $15, which is not a bad price.

An even better price $8.88 and there were lots of backpacks at that cost.

OfficeMax had a decent selection of bags ranging from $24.99 up to $69.99.

And the backpacks at Marshalls start at $12.99. The most expensive bags I found were $49.99.

Overall I found the best prices and variety at Walmart.

Another option, search online. Especially if you know the exact bag you're looking for.

I found backpacks for as low as five dollars.

If you know of a better place to find great prices on backpacks, comment on my Facebook page.


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